About SalonPOS

Introducing A New Solution for Salon Management

SalonPOS, A new and innovative salon management solution.
SalonPOS has a user-friendly interface and easy accessibility features that allow the users to manage clients, employees and schedules anytime, anywhere.
SalonPOS is a total wireless Point of Sales system that provides excellent mobility to the users including a boundary-less monitoring system.

Why do you need portability in your management system?

In a highly increasing competitive market, managing solely inside the store will limit your business and profitablility. Keep your own consultant close. With SalonPOS, A powerful and innovative salon management tool, you can alalyze your business any time, anywhere. With the portabilitiy our SalonPOS provides, you can even bring the complete system to your own living room.

For Employees

SalonPOS is designed for Easy Use. SalonPOS does not require any special training.

A simple and intuitive graphic user interface ensures an excellent experience even to those who may not have a superior computer skillset.

From customer searches to service appointment capabilities to sales tracking system, salon management can't be easier!

Get it all with SalonPOS.

Drag & Match Employee Analysis

No Headache & Precise Employee analysis

"Drag & Match" an employee to each service for easy management of daily tasks - simple and easy.

Sensitive and complicated calculation of tips and commissions are calculated automatically.

Receive detailed employee reports with a full-blown analysis of their service pattern towards clientele.

In addition, you can also print out precise tips and commission reports stratified by each employee.

Easy & Fast Appointment

It provides a convenient schedule appointment feature that is quicker than using a pen & paper!

SalonPOS also features an ability to check the entire service appointment status at one glance.

The Drag & Drop function provides easy service update features.

Customer Relations Management

Most Effective, Most Powerful Customer Relations Management

Provides various promotion tools(Gift Card, Reward Point, Visit Stamp).

Provides various Analysis tools(Customer Action Pattern Analysis. Service Transaction Analysis, Visit Cycle Analysis).

Mailing Label Print, Mass Designed Email Sending with each customer name.

Real-time Mobility

We support an iPhone app for salon owners

You can check the status of your salon by getting the head count, service provision, daily income tracking.

Real-Time Sales Tracking
Real-Time Service Provision
Real-Time CCTV Viewer
Real-Time Head Counts
Real-Time Scheduler

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